Do visa gift cards work for online gambling

Do visa gift cards work for online gambling norht star casino

The easy solution is to purchase a Visa gift card from your financial institution.

This is a discussion gift Any U. Viwa sites that take visa gift cards? I'm looking but can't find any. Hey everyone I was just wondering if you know any u. All if it is an international visa gift card. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk. I have the same problem. I use to play at Fulltilt and Bodog. I am still at Bovada formerly Bodog. So I thought Bodog was next so I took all my money out of Bodog. Now of course, my old cc doesn't work there.

I still play there for free and chatting with some players, they say netspend cards will work there sometimes giftt I have not tried it. They had to be International but most online gambling US Only. This is a guess on my part but I think some banking regulations changed for international transaction.

I do not think any gift cards currently work on sites. I have heard, not tried it myself, that the green dot cards work, not the reload packs you buy in a store, but he ones gamb,ing actually get in the mail with your name on it. Gambking seems to be off and on though from threads I have been reading. I've been able to use a Walmart prepaid Visa to deposit on a couple Merge sites, and Bovada. Netspend cards DO work for bovada and betonline. Only reason i picked up the card.

You can get one at walmart or using internet order online. Originally Posted by cat As far as the gift cards go I was in search of one and finally read the fine print even on the ones that don't say Us use only It fro as of April it is illegal to use gift cards for international purposes It seemed kind of odd because the package states "perfect for online gaming" they must be talking about regular games not poker However, if you have a Chase account you can call the fraud prevention line and have the International Purchase hold temporarily removed to complete your deposit.

The best way to do this is try and deposit Then call the fraud department and tell them you are trying to make a purchase on for the exact gambking including the processing fee from the "processing company name" and ask them to remove the hold so you can complete your purchase. I have made deposits at Bovada this way. This thread needs to be updated because a new law went through i believe in march where most giftcards no longer accept international purchases.

Wor, using a giftcard on an online gambling gamblig, like cards work, carbon pokerect. The card needs to accept international purchases. And after the law passed in march i don't believe any do. I thought Green dot would work i have one of those cards. But just went to there website and it says it cannot be used for online gambling. So visw are giff lot of posts on this thread that were posted before this law went into affect, meaning the cards worked then but don't now.

So casino express com should be updated so new people looking for answers are not misleaded. I am currrectly trying to find a card to use for carbon poker, and i have had no luck, If some finds one that works wor Bovada and carbon poker it would be much appreciated.

Can i use western Union for carbon? I gotta od this new law makes things really difficult for me. Why can't i juse use a card!. There is some great info here. Glad I read this thread. Thanks for the post.

Originally Posted by ThatsNasssty. Originally Posted by SuperDaveUp1, visa. Cads a recent update for everyone, on full flush you can use the green dot visas. Dont know about gift cards,but I do know that FF and Bovada both accept prepaid visa. Its the only way i deposit. Dont trust these sites today with online gambling full banking information.

So i just load like 55 bucs on my prepaid card then deposit 50 bucs,no problems doing it this way ever! You have to get an international visa card that said gakbling would have to go through net givt which charges a monthly fee also the card must be cads to your home address I for one only do WU. How do you deposit money onto your partypoker for CardsChat is an online poker community ofmembers in gambling winnings calculator. Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game.

Learn from online pros. Join more thanactive members on our forum. Originally Posted by cat hi, I have been able to use walmart prepaid visa on most sites with no problems.

Guide to gambling online with Prepaid Cards including gambling sites that accept Union Pay, Pasteandpay, MST Gift Cards, Prepaid Visa, Prepaid Mastercard, which ones work perfectly with prepaid cards, you need to do some research. The holder of the card can use it until the balance has been reduced to zero. Fans of online gambling should be delighted to know that Visa gift cards are accepted as you might think, especially since they work just like a Visa debit card. Processing is very good and secure these days at online and work 99% of teh time. for online gambling, especially if you have trouble staying within your budget. Visa prepaid cards can also be funded via direct deposit, with a credit card.